Street Logic

A recent controversy surrounding the proposed Public Art for the Cultural Trail has many citizens concerned about urban space, its equity, and purpose in our city. A series of free lectures were made available to the public to listen, learn, and ask questions about urban space, parks, or where we live and spend our time.

Street Logic was the second in a two part lecture series.  The first lecture was by Dr. Kirk Savage author of “Monument Wars” and “Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves” Race, War, and Monument in the Nineteenth Century America. His lecture was an eye opener for many in the audience and uncovered many details that were missed by multiple stakeholders, artists, and citizens. His lecture (see blog) on the history and meaning of the slave “image” set the stage for Street Logic – a lecture that would explores “image”  and the history of urban space through the lens of architecture and Hollywood.

Marquez, whose thesis research focused on issues of architecture and identity, questions the design of “cultural” in the United States and its meaning for communities and neighborhoods. His work on West Washington Street in Indianapolis, Mexican Town in Detroit, and Huntington Park in California called to question the need for “culture” and the dangers it presents when commercialized or left in the wrong hands. Street Logic has been presented at multiple universities, including Southern Illinois University and the University of North Carolina to help citizens and students understand how and why “images” are misrepresented in cities, streets, and public spaces. An interactive media presentation- Marquez  frames the streets aesthetic, function, and ideology according to those who have the power to build images and those who do not.

The event was held on Saturday, April 30th at Forest Manor Multi-Service Center