Knowledge & Recreation

In his book The Production of Space, theorist and author, Henri Lefebvre calls for a “restoration of concern for the body”. He, like our team, believes space should be experienced through all senses and be responsible for our growth and welfare.

If the growth of our city is to be further encouraged – we should look to its adaptability to help accommodate for the stimulation of those senses. The Circle’s history from landscape, political homestead, and now monument reflect that growth and responsibility to those future citizens – our children. W/purpose principal Wil Marquez and Omar Munante entered this competition offering a solution that considers those children.

We understand public space in Indianapolis works best under two conditions – Knowledge and Recreation.  Our concept represents a  solution that enhances that experience for our city and its future.  After visiting the site multiple times, we were fascinated by its dynamics, complexity, and honesty.  Our elevated platform occupies a middle space in the circle that we believe will refresh Market Street and realize its identity looking east towards a future in the redevelopment of Market Square. This ecologically charged corridor will attract, welcome, and direct people to a new place enriched with a wonderful history. The idea of knowledge will invite existing and new visitors to a museum dedicated to peace – as to develop a better understanding of the existing monuments history and complexity. A flexible open space is transformative and leaves a lot of room for programs that range from concerts to ice skating.  The addition of this type of recreation will increase pedestrian circulation and increased programs for our cities nexus.

Vehicular transportation will be shifted as to increase new retail spaces that are pedestrian friendly and give preference to public transportation. Access will be limited by directing vehicles West coming North on Meridian Street and East coming South on Meridian Street.  Vehicles will be directed North traveling West into the Circle and vehicles traveling East into the Circle will be directed South on to Meridian Street