Dressing Indianapolis: Presented by Spirit & Place Festival


Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 7 p.m. | Indianapolis Museum of Art

We adorn the body. How do we adorn a city? A distinctive style, sparkling accessories, good lighting … what does a city need to look good? How does city style way brand identity, community development, and reputation? What can urban design learn from fashion design?

Join us for a vibrant conversation on city style featuring TED-style talks by w/purpose principal Wil Marquez, IMA fashion arts curatorial associate Petra Slinkard, Indy Fashion Collective representative Benjamin Blevins, and artist Kipp Normand, followed by a panel discussion with architect Sanford Garner, writer and critic David Hoppe, stylist and designer Nikki Sutton, and design advocate Michael Bricker.

Moderated by Michael Kaufmann of Health & Hospital Corporation, and MC’d by Jennifer Smith of AvantGarb. Between presentations, see images by local photographers that tell the design story of Indy’s cultural districts.

Presented by the Spirit & Place Festival and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Dressing Indianapolis blends the IndyTalks 2011 theme, Indy as Super City, and the Spirit & Place 2011 theme, The Body, to explore the parallels and intersection between urban design and fashion design. The program  is made possible with generous support from LEVEL Interior Architecture+Design and Silver in the City.

Design Maintained - Wil Marquez lectures at IMAEvent

2011 Festival Theme: The Body


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