Over ten years ago the Near West side of Indianapolis presented itself as an area in early transition.  By researching its rich and diverse past, it was clear that the phenomenon of being lost and rediscovered is very much part of the Near West narrative.  In considering my own story with the area, I am reminded that this Indianapolis community has never been motionless, but always non-stop.  Its transformation directly connected to the expansion of mobility.The development of leftover spaces like “Non Stop” Station position a community on the verge of major change by reinforcing a strong identity and extending local stake in exchange for advocacy, labor, or clean-up.It is during this process that new knowledge is exchanged and “expert” residents commit to organized cultural/identity programs, connectivity efforts, and development futures.  For w/purpose, the icons for mobility (Car/Train) are ideal representations of decentralized modes of cultural. We hope to continue to connect new cultural centers throughout the Near West community.

Purpose Park: 2014 re:Purpose 5×5 Winner from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.