Design Bank


Located in N.E. Indianapolis, the Design Bank is an event and professional space where groups and individuals to come together in a learning and working space to share ideas, time, talent and resources in the hopes of bettering-themselves and transforming a community.

*WISH TV. Feb. 17th, 2015 – New Group Plans to Curb Crime through Design

At its core, the Design Bank will be the home of Indianapolis’s urban and public design practice, w/purpose and downtown Indy’s Studio B. Sharing a passion for community development, education, and entrepreneurship, these emerging business expanded their “design” meets “learning flex space” biz model into an empty 5000 sqft art modern Bank, just east of the new Avondale Meadows YMCA.  By leveraging design’s holistic ability to promote innovative thinking and creative play, we hope the Design Bank becomes the type of innovative business our community and city would value and support.

The Design Bank will convert the 1950’s Indiana National Bank to a home for two principal business owners, additional long-term business residents, and transitional work-space for freelancers or consultants.  The Design Bank offers a unique and flexible “community” space to assist in area development efforts by offering design resources, services, and training.

The Design Bank is the collaboration and effort of many organizations, including United North East CDC, LISC, Indianapolis Historic Preservation, and the  N.E. Corridor Quality of Life.

The bank “Lobby” (50 person seating) is a large flex space with 16′ ceilings, 120 sqft. platform w/ speaking podium , projection screens, and free WIFI.  The Design Bank is open daily from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.  and is available past normal hours for scheduled events including fundraisers, community space, lectures, pop up space, and evening trainings.


* Design, 3D Printing& Entrepreneurship Curriculum

* Large Scale-Plotters, Laser and Vinyl Cutters, and 3D Printers

* Group and Private Work, Meeting and Special Event Spaces

* Resident Business Options

* For profit design focused business and professionals

* Event kitchen


w/purpose intern Jason Mitchke runs booth at local fair



The Mix – Commercially licensed rental kitchen

The Lobby – An elevated platform, training, main conference, and event area featuring advanced video presentation technology and casual work area. Daily and monthly membership rates are available.

The Vault – Print shop and maker space featuring 3D printers, large scale plotters, laser cutters and standard office productivity equipment and supplies.

Private Office - Studio B’s

Private Office - w/purpose + Puzzello private office


The Exchange – Available co working at shared desk and work spaces. The Design Bank’s lower level is dedicated to business or organizational residents in need of long-term suite-style space.


A. Providing young enterprises needed flexible work space. Leased space will provide professional and technology centered environment with a creative vibe for on the move start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the self employed.

B. Delivering innovation through services and resources to the design community (e.g. Architectures, landscape architects, urban design, fashion designers) Our vision is to be a focused work space that supports a community of entrepreneurs in the same field – Design. We want to be a professional and community resource for designers, residents, developers,businesses, and municipalities who find value in the transferring and exchange of ideas through a community of like-minded people that learn from one another, socialize together,and help each other achieve shared goals. We see the Design Bank as being the spring board for public focused design – in real time.

C. Connecting ourselves to the City of Indianapolis. Being partners with local city organizations and initiatives ( Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, IndyCog, People for Urban Progress or N.E. Quality of Life) engages our design and neighborhood community with new program, grants and best practices.