W/purpose was commissioned by Midtown Indy to complete a “Pedestrian Streetscape Railing” prototype. This project aims to compliment the new Red Line rapid transit development while addressing some challenges that arise from the new project.

The Red Line will run from Broad Ripple through downtown Indianapolis to the University of Indianapolis, connecting several neighborhoods, major employers and cultural institutions with frequent, rapid transit service, according to IndyGo.

Many Midtown Indy residents and businesses directly influenced by the new transit infrastructure updates support the positive changes, although expressed concerns about reduced sidewalk widths and street parking that will directly influence the comfort of patrons outdoor eating experience. Together businesses have funded the exploration of a solution using physical barriers that are functional and beautiful.

These pedestrian art barriers will provide a visible indicator and separation between pedestrian and vehicle zones. The pedestrian art barrier will compliment new transit stations by using similar design language and elements. Through the use of color, graphics, and text, the railings will connect to both the neighborhood and the new Red Line. The products construction methods, interchangeable forms, and material options will allow these art/pedestrian barriers to be flexible at different intersections, corners, or segments of sidewalk.