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Call to Artists_RFP_JACOBSVILLE EVANSVILLE – The community of Jacobsville is currently hiring. A $15,000 public design budget will go to an artist or design team who is interested in creating an outdoor art experience. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is a call for design talent … Read More


w/purpose Invited to Bring “Flava” to Evansville Art District

What do you get someone for their 200th birthday? Tough decision, right?  Evansville’s art and design community showed up to the party with a newly dedicated outdoor gallery and sculpture park located in south-central Evansville. Not a bad way to kick off the bicentennial!  As … Read More


Devington Community Imagines Transit Future

Indianapolis community residents and businesses organize to continue turnaround with the design of a new bus stop across from Arlington High School. What initially was started as a local community association idea as evolved into a “Transit” stop concept set to be completed in 2013 … Read More


What’s behind a community turnaround

For Indianapolis North-East residents – the label “turnaround” has been synonymous with the realities of education reform and transformation. Taken in context, its “reversal” ambitions suggest an immediacy or impact condition. In any case, “turnaround” has become an controversial word for big change, including a … Read More


Bicycle Garage Indy Designs with Rare Species for New Store

W/purpose has been commissioned by Bicycle Garage Indy to complete a 900 sqft architectural installation at their new North store, currently under construction. The iconic textured wall called “Rare Species”, was designed using a rare species of wood salvaged from 1900 Indiana High School (Arlington … Read More


Downtown Indy Bike Hub seeing new “MOVEMENT”

At a recent Spirit & Place Event hosted at Indianapolis Museum of Art, local artists, architects, curators, journalists, creative hipsters, and fashionistas joined in a discussion that teased out one question: What can urban design learn from fashion? Interesting enough…right? To answer the question, w/purpose … Read More


Soft touch for an Industrial Space

You may asking yourself, “What does a fashion studio have to do with urban or public design”? Great question. The answer is – Everything. Creative Play is a phrase I use to describe our process in design. In that process, understanding neighborhood or urban development … Read More