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We no speak Americano? Urbanism in Chihuahua

The city of Chihuahua oddly enough has 6, yes 6, architecture schools in a city of no more than 850,000. Downtown Chihuahua – a city with modest Spanish mission roots, sits paralyzed despite such an intellectual resource. Its core is vibrant and alive…till dusk. At […]

Infrastructure + Chihuahua

Indianapolis based urban design firm w/purpose & Guatemala based Architect Rafael Yee Melgar have been invited to Isthmus Norte School of Architecture and Design to offer several intense design seminars and public lecture. Principal, Wil Marquez will visit Chihuahua, Mexico with Yee Melgar in December […]

Design Maintained

Pecha Kucha: The Next Indianapolis Indianapolis Museum of Art 2009 Often, the idea of neglect can be judged across multiple camps. It can begin at one moment as a casual, “I forgot” and at another moment, “abandonment”. The space between these two moments is critical […]

I Will Not Draw As I’m Told

W/purpose Principal, Wil Marquez, and six other prominent names of the city’s art and design community joined a panel to discuss the future of Indianapolis arts in the face of globalization. However, there’s a twist—the lecturers will be speaking at the same time. Audience members will […]

NY Architecture Week

My recent trip to New York’s AIA-sponsored Architecture Week ended in the showroom of premiere retail designer and essential – Goldsmith.  It’s not exactly a designer brand you’d find hanging loose on a tag at Barney’s or Saks Fifth Avenue…but close, very close. Fashion enthusiast […]