Urban Space Diagram -Wil D Marquez

A brief glance at my resume and it is apparent that my experience and background is vastly different from most. I am trained as an architect and urban designer. However, for the past decade I have been developing a unique product in architecture for clients who believe carefully planned spaces and responsible design can make a difference in both their lives and in the lives of others. From skyscrapers in the Middle East to urban pocket parks, I’ve made it my career to ensure that great design wasn’t simply an off-the-shelf solution or perverse throw back to a time that no longer exists.

YMCA Program Massing | Senior Designer 2010 - Completed w/ A2SO4

“Creative play” is the term I use to discuss my method of developing meaningful places. This way of working encompasses my own individualized logic-thinking, by using computer-based strategies and analysis with cross-disciplinary collaborators. This process of urban place making includes professional artists, fabricators, community leaders, citizens, and local advocacy groups who are the basis for how decisions are made to realize a project’s full potential. In this way, each project, concept, or experience is a one of a kind and site-specific. It is exactly because of my process and focus in offering new ideas, trends, forms, and architectures, that my work has found homes in museums, urban parks, plazas, cities, and international exhibitions. Additionally, private commissions reside in both residential and commercial settings.

Trucker Plaza | Ilorin, Nigeria | Project Manager - Completed w/ A2SO4

For twelve years I have worked within the profession architecture and urban design. Eight of those years were at Indy-based, A2SO4 Architecture. My role as Senior Designer and Director of their research and fabrication design branch (A2SX) enabled me to explore the use of digital technologies through practice.

By 2006, our team was utilizing this thinking to create unique and complex structures for clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Morocco, and Nigeria. As Senior Designer on projects such as Danet Plot 24 (Abu Dhabi) and Kwara State Travel Plaza (Nigeria) we were able achieve both whimsical and utilitarian design concepts that while stimulating the imagination, focused on efficiency, ecology, and culture. The Truckers Plaza public space was an amazing experience that is still in construction.  I recognized early that the programming of culture and leisure called for multiple layers, thresholds, and interfaces. Open cafeterias, issues of security, and strong attitudes about leisure and order for Nigerian truckers, locals, and women provided a key opportunity in visioning clear ideas about culture, commerce, religion, and the their future through architecture and design.

Trucker Plaza | Ilorin, Nigeria | Project Manager - Completed w/ A2SO4

I launched my own company in 2010 to contribute purposeful and relevant environments and experiences for our cities and communities. Indianapolis-based w/purpose is an urban + public design firm whose mission is to draw clients that believe in a design process that is the namesake of my company: with purpose.

Moving forward I imagine developing a body of work that offers a level of place making that involves communicating clear messages about a places identity and values. In some cases this work may be the icon of a building, creative programming, in depth analysis, or forward thinking developments. In all instances these projects will offer new breath as timeless suggestions in gateways, pavilions, and smart growth environments, and concept documents that demand that great ideas start w/purpose.

Martindale Brightwood Community | Urban Analysis 2010 - Completed w/ A2SO4