w/purpose has helped cultivate and manage meaningful projects that align with the public and its environmental design needs.  Our approach represents an innovative model of design practice that leans in on urban revitalization.

Our team is cross trained in several disciplines including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design.  Since 2010, we have excelled at leveraging our multi-discipline thinking to design, plan, manage, and engage in a variety of creative efforts .

Our office has over 15 years of experience working with diverse communities and experience with collaborating and coordinating local stakeholders, city departments, private development groups, and business leaders.  We are MBE approved with the City of Indianapolis since 2008

Our creative team coordinates and supervises:

  • Public and Education Space Projects
  • The creation of urban development plans through Tax Credit (QAP) Programs
  • Evaluate proposed design solutions, suggest new or innovative tools or approaches.
  • Provide design leadership to project team
  • Manage design consultant teams and partnerships
  • Private partnerships
  • Confer and work along side other city agencies, developers, business, neighborhood and civic groups
  • Articulate and elevate a vision for neighborhoods that embodies the highest quality of design excellence, sustainable and ecological performance and social equity

Meet our Team

Wil Marquez

Alejandra Lagunas