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Though founded in 2010, the history of w/purpose truly begins in 2007 when then, graduate architect Wil D. Marquez became involved with the Department of Architecture at Ball State University as a Research Fellow and Design Studio Adjunct. This immersion with academia enabled him to test emerging design strategies and theories in Indianapolis and beyond.  Eventually, Marquez was led to opportunities and lectures in Argentina, Chihuahua, Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Nigeria where he explored global issues and processes in architecture, urban development, transit-oriented design and digital fabrication.

WilMarquez visits Arq. Rafael Iglesia at his studio in Rosario, Argentina

In 2008, Ball State’s Department of Architecture hosted a lecture by Argentine architect Rafael Iglesia. Iglesia’s conversation about what he called a “different type of architecture,” immediately resonated with Marquez. He discussed architecture beyond the object culture and outlined its future with honesty about its existence under new conditions and attitudes toward technology, community, and design.

Shortly after hearing this message, Marquez said good-bye to the Middle East and launched a grassroots community campaign,” Re Connect Devington,” to further advance the calling for a critical shift in the approach and practice of design professionals. Marquez imagined a new architecture that brought people together and strives for levels of equity and purpose, all the while representing the very communities it promises to protect.

After years of lecturing, traveling, teaching, designing and writing Marquez unveiled w/purpose in 2010 at the Design Arts Society’s sponsored lecture series on the “Emerging Voices” in design in Indianapolis. Today, w/purpose continues to cultivate meaningful projects that expand an area of design that aligns itself with the public. This approach represents a new reality in design practice today.

Our list of collaborators represent individuals and clients who received meaningful and relevant design services

YMCA Indianapolis

Bicycle Garage Indy

BWI Development

Kevin Munoz Law Office

Sonrisa Dental Office

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful


City of Evansville (Department of Metro Development)

Tomlinson Tap Room


Javier Barrera

University Nevada Las Vegas (Prof. Shai Yeshayahu – Dept. of Architecture)

People for Urban Progress

Indianapolis City Market

ISTHMUS Norte, Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño

Crossroads Development

Future Farm Workers of America

Big Car

Artur Silva (Artist)

Urbanofile (Aaron Renn)

King Park Area Redevelopment Corporation

ECHO Housing Corporation (Jacobsville Community)

Ruben Barron & Family

United North East Community Development Corporation





The Design Bank | w/purpose headquarters, opening 2015