Wil Marquez brings a wealth of experience in architecture and design to the table. His more than 20 year career in architecture and urban design should be highlighted as an adventurous calling filled with a ton of passion and without question a great deal of purpose.

A native of N.W Indiana – Marquez graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1999 and earned a Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan **Cum Laude** in 2005.   Early stints with WOLD, HGA (Minneapolis), Ratio (Indianapolis), and A2SO4 (Indianapolis) offered a critical base and focused opportunity to develop and learn on a variety of unique architectures throughout Indiana, including projects by Robert Stern and Associates and Arq. Kevin Kennon.

After leaving Ann Arbor in 2005, Marquez quickly rejoined A2SO4 Architecture and was immediately thrust onto a world stage as A2SO4 took on projects in Africa and the Middle East.  His involvement and design lead on housing and urban developments in the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and Marrakesh focused on eye catching skyscrapers and new forms in architecture and design.  Those international associations came hand in hand with academic and professional speaking platforms to publicly acknowledge his experiences and positions around architecture and its potential. 

In early 2008, Marquez had the opportunity to listen to Argentinian Arq. Rafael Iglesia lecture.  During his talk, Marquez took notes, as Iglesia described his work as needing to represent “a dynamic significance” to architecture that should be applied at multiple scales.  Marquez remembers Iglesia stating, “architecture must become more like a verb, than a noun”. Those words reverberated with Marquez and visited Iglesia at his studio in Rosario, Argentina that May.  Marquez returned to Indianapolis inspired and passionate about a new culture and awareness around public interest design and architecture.

Wil Marquez visiting Arq. Rafael Iglesia at his studio in Rosario, ARG

For Marquez, the international design experiences overseas were both a blessing and also a glimpse into an obvious imbalance and disillusion of building power that leads to the abuse of communities and people who make architecture and cities work. 

Marquez wanted to join a growing number of designers who didn’t just want to draw pretty pictures, but wanted to transform communities by empowering them with architecture, its tools, and resources. In 2010 w/purpose opened its doors.  Recognizing the importance of public buy-in for the decision making process their studio has a proven track record of collaboration with architects, developers, municipalities, designers, artists, and a host of other project partners.  w/purpose represents and expands an area of design that aligns itself with the public. 


Brand Campaign – www.architectureisaverb.com (2009)

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