How we can help:

We are an urban + public design consultancy who works closely with municipalities, businesses, and communities. We are interested in developing relationships with city departments or organizations who find value in innovative design strategies that are not only simple, but valuable ideas and economic simulators that promote regeneration and new ways of living.

We are not simply focused on buildings, but the space in-between two buildings. This includes the physical components of streets, pathways, public spaces, developments, or gardens. We believe ideas of aesthetics, identity, ecology, and innovation are driving forces in our thinking and process. Our interdisciplinary approach brings together the appropriate professionals to solve the often complex scenarios that exist between architecture and urban design.

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Urban + Public Design Services

  • Streetscape + Public Realm
  • Trails + Open Space
  • Art and Design Management
  • Housing Redevelopment
  • Neighborhood  Plans
  • Scenario  or Vision Planning
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Branding [Urban/District Refresh]
  • Smart Growth Strategies Soft Infrastructure-related Development

Social + Cultural Planning

  • Comprehensive Land Use Development
  • Land Use Programming
  • Regional Land Planning
  • Urban Retail Reinvestment Strategies
  • Urban Development Public Consultation


Our list of collaborators represent individuals and clients who received meaningful and relevant design services