In 2016, Riley Area Development Corporation posted a call to area designers, entrepreneurs, or organizations open to opening a creative holiday pop up.

Design Bank Co-Owners NaShara Mitchell and Wil Marquez applied and were invited to transform a vacant storefront along the popular Mass Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. The two month residency enabled the Design Bank to expand its mission by offering educational and professional training and consulting around emerging design technologies for STEM/STEAM programming and advanced manufacturing processes.

Design Bank retailed 3D printed products from their students and members, including 3D Printed jewelry crafted by local women entrepreneur using exotic plastics and a Bear-Robot ornament inspired by 14 year old student Semi.

The hands on experience and retail pop up know-how allowed us to educate a public about the makers movement, promote new technologies in manufacturing, and support local student makers with mentorship and real life experience.  The benefits behind training our student makers and members is to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination; Spatial skills; enhance capacity for creative, divergent thinking; Social skills; Language skills; Practice science and math skills