Bicycle Garage Indy Designs with Rare Species for New Store

W/purpose has been commissioned by Bicycle Garage Indy to complete a 900 sqft architectural installation at their new North store, currently under construction.

The iconic textured wall called “Rare Species”, was designed using a rare species of wood salvaged from 1900 Indiana High School (Arlington High School).  Once sourced by the navy for their ships, the Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) has been quietly replaced with faster-growing Pines. Due to longtime deforestation and over-harvesting, only about 3% of the original Longleaf Pine forest remain.

W/purpose has teamed with local fabricator ACS Sign Solutions on the 35′ x 24′ piece, which will be completed in late January. “Rare Species” will join a series of unique and custom architectural installations completed by w/purpose, located at the YMCA Bike Hub, Tomlinson Tap Room, Blu Lounge, Nikki Blaine Couture, Indiana Convention and Visitors Association, and various local residences.