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Over ten years ago the Near West side of Indianapolis presented itself as an area in early transition.  By researching its rich and diverse past, it’s clear that the phenomenon of being lost and rediscovered is very much part of the Near West narrative.  In … Read More


The Ingredients

Several weeks ago w/purpose Founder Wil Marquez had an opportunity to travel to Tuskegee University in Alabama to speak to architecture students and faculty about w/purpose, its advocacy, and practice.  Needing time to focus and prep his talk, Marquez stopped in our Nation’s Capital – … Read More


Design Bank

    PRINTING ENTREPRENEURSHIP Located in N.E. Indianapolis, the Design Bank is an event and professional space where groups and individuals to come together in a learning and working space to share ideas, time, talent and resources in the hopes of bettering-themselves and transforming a community. … Read More

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THIS_AN ART DISTRICT STORY (3 MIN. TRAILER) What do you get someone for their 200th birthday? Tough decision, right?  Evansville’s art and design community showed up to the party with a newly dedicated outdoor gallery and sculpture park located in south-central Evansville. Not a bad … Read More


Devington Community Imagines Transit Future

Indianapolis community residents and businesses organize to continue turnaround with the design of a new bus stop across from Arlington High School. What initially was started as a local community association idea as evolved into a “Transit” stop concept set to be completed in 2013 … Read More


What’s behind a community turnaround

For Indianapolis North-East residents – the label “turnaround” has been synonymous with the realities of education reform and transformation. Taken in context, its “reversal” ambitions suggest an immediacy or impact condition. In any case, “turnaround” has become an controversial word for big change, including a … Read More

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What’s In A Name? The Case For a New Georgia Street

There are visible signs that our city slowly manicuring its look as it prepares for the 2012 Super Bowl. At the top of that list - East & West Georgia Street, which is showing signs of regeneration. A complete transformation and welcome addition to the … Read More