I Will Not Draw As I’m Told

W/purpose Principal, Wil Marquez, and six other prominent names of the city’s art and design community joined a panel to discuss the future of Indianapolis arts in the face of globalization. However, there’s a twist—the lecturers will be speaking at the same time. Audience members will be given the power to arbitrarily raise or lower the volume of each speaker as the talks progress, creating a frantic, unstructured whirlwind of words and ideas. After the lectures, audience members will be encouraged to express the ideas and feelings generated by this surreal presentation in a facilitated discussion period.

This is part of the IndyTalks series and is the first of Big Car’s Made for Each Other events this winter and spring at Central Library in partnership with IMCPL and Know No Stranger.

Says Big Car’s Jim Walker: “Overall, this project relates to Big Car’s love of spontaneity, improvisation, audience involvement, collaboration, experimentation — and experiencing the joy that comes from creating a big, stressful mess and finding the happy accidents that can only come from that mess.”

Wil Marquez