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GRAD MAGAZINE // Don’t grow up – grow creative!

INDIANA STORIES: 3 GRADS, 3 CHOICES (Full Story) The great—and scary—thing about graduating from college is that you never know where life is going to take you. GRAD interviewed three Indiana professionals about their lives and career paths—and asked for their words of advice for […]

Gibson Case Study Home

Inspired by its location, the Gibson Home was my first modern residence.  The home was for Adam and Cathy Gibson. Their need to explore a larger home seemed timely with growing children and Adam’s home business growing. An empty lot near in the Forest Hills […]

Standard Life – FORMCities Symposium

w/purpose will be presenting at the FORMCities Symposium on the Future of Mid-sized Cities Date and Time: Fri, Nov 5, 9:00 am This symposium is an opportunity to generate creative ideas/images that reconcile urban landscapes that redefine “wrong side of the tracks” and produce an […]

Indianapolis Rotary Gateway Competition

In 2006, the Indianapolis Rotary Club invited teams to submit for a 2-stage competition in Indianapolis that featured Electrolands, Cameron Mcnall and Ninebark Eric Fulford. Designer. Wil Marquez was invited to join the team for his digital design expertise and creative problem solving. The submission […]