Standard Life – FORMCities Symposium

w/purpose will be presenting at the FORMCities Symposium on the Future of Mid-sized Cities
Date and Time: Fri, Nov 5, 9:00 am
This symposium is an opportunity to generate creative ideas/images that reconcile urban landscapes that redefine “wrong side of the tracks” and produce an urban form with its emphasis on the assets of diversity. The keynote speaker is architect and Virginia Tech professor Susan Piedmont-Palladino.
Focused on how infrastructure plays a role in a forgotten rail easement in Indianapolis Devington Community, Authors Jason John, Wil Marquez, and Josh Taron have teamed to introduce a strategy that integrates public input data and programmed recreational space.  They believe this research helps in creating a variable urban amenity, while generating an Infrastructure for a healthy community.
Team: Jason Johnson, University of Calgary – Laboratory for Integrative Design + Wil Marquez, Indianapolis – Principal, w/purpose + Josh Taron, University of Calgary – Laboratory for Integrative Design will be presenting (re) Connect: Devington.
Abstract: This paper focuses on strategies and proposals for developing an infrastructural project along an abandoned and underutilized and forgotten rail easement in Indianapolis’ Devington community. These strategies acknowledge the desire of residents and community groups to create public amenities, improved public transportation access and recreational space as integral to continued revitalization of the community. Strategies of accumulation of variably sized and highly distributed programmatic areas along vehicular, transit, cycling and pedestrian trajectories are produced using parametric software techniques.




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